Rampage is a 3D, family, turn based game where four hungry monsters are trying to eat the most meeples before the other T-Rex/Godzilla monsters do. Whoever causes the most damage and carnage will be the winner. The monsters have invaded Meeple city and they are hungry!

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Cryptozoic Announces New DC Deckbuilder Stand Alone Expansion

Lake Forest, CA (September 30, 2014) — Cryptozoic Entertainment™, the well-known developer of original and licensed games and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, announce the third installment of the successful DC Comics Deck-building game franchise,Forever Evil. Fans can play the game as the most infamous Super-Villains in the DC Comics universe. Continue reading


by Philip Durham

Author: Joe Hill
Date of Publication: January 30th, 2010
Genre: Thriller/Horror/Supernatural

As an avid reader of Stephen King, I was tentative when a friend recommended I read Horns, a novel by King’s son, Joe Hill.  I questioned how similar or dissimilar his work would be from his father’s.  I didn’t want a Stephen King clone, but I also did not want something vastly different, or at least not vast different from my normal range of interest.  There was also a concern of if his work was being supported due to his familial connections or if it was capable of standing on its own feet. I was pleasantly surprised. Continue reading

Ruminations of a Con Gone Well

by John Quiett

So GenCon 2014 has come and gone. And you might be saying to yourself: “Gee, a little late to be talking about it now aren’t ya John?” My answer to that would be: “Yeah, but life gets in the way a lot and my August was incredibly busy. So shut it!”  Anyway, I’m here to share my thoughts on the con and tell you a little bit about what I did so that you can live vicariously through my exploits. Or at least get an idea of what went on at the con so you can decide if you want to go next year. Continue reading

The GenCon Experience: Am I still a Newbie?

By: Shirley Niedzwiecki

If you have read any of my reviews or listened to our podcasts you know that I am “new” to the gaming scene. Well, five years new, and I’m wondering, if I don’t make it through the vendor hall, the outlying gaming areas, through panels or the seminars I want to see, does that make me a newbie? Come on! What? Do I need a plan of attack or something?

Well, this year I have a semi-excuse. I had to work. Work the vendor hall that is. And, boy was it an AMAZING experience.

This year Executive Producer/Editor in Chief Matt Quiett and I decided to attack the vendor hall and meet as many of the vendors as we could. We had our binder in hand, so Thursday morning, off we went. Continue reading

Shoot Moon

By: Jestin Kimmet

Device: iOS 5.1 +
Price: free (.99 to remove non-obtrusive adds)
Rated: 9 +
Developer: Shaun Coleman
Style: Game
Size: 15.1 I mb.

What is it: The moon sits up there always looking down at you… always singing that same blasted toon.  You know how to make it stop, with rockets of course! Continue reading

1 More Podcastle

by Matt Quiett
Hosts: Eric Bailey, Eric Hunter, and Jason Lamb
Network: Retroids.com Podcast Network
Available on: iTunes, Stitcher
Are you a fan of retro video games? Do you harbor a secret collection of Atari and Sega video games? Have you ever said “remember that game on the NES”? 1 More Podcastle is chock full of just the kind of material from you. From discussing the games they’re playing, to pitting games against each other in a weekly popularity contest, this podcast is full of retro goodness. Continue reading


by Philip Durham

Author: Matthew Mather
Date of Publication: March 15th, 2013
Genre: Thriller/Technothriller/Sci-Fi

You are reading this on an electronic device, or got this from an electronic device.  Consider how much of your day is spent interacting with electronics.  Consider how much of your daily life is dependent on electronics.  Everyday more and more of the aspects of daily life become more and more integrated to the internet.  What happens if we no longer can communicate with cell phones and the internet?  What happens if shipping closes down because the electronic systems that are used to route, direct and plan the logistics stop?  What happens then? Continue reading

GenCon Started Friday Night

by Scott Troiano

GenCon started for me on Friday afternoon at 4:30. A group of us met at Scotty’s Brew House in downtown Indianapolis. I had the buffalo loaded tots with sriracha honey sauce and blue cheese. It was one of the best appetizers I have ever had. I followed that with a ‘big ass brew house burger’, 4 quarter pound patties of farm raised Indiana beef. I washed it all down with a local favorite, Wee Mac from Sun king brewery here in town. It was local fair prepared well, delivered with a smile, and consumed with friends, both new and old. When I walked into the place there was a giant banner on the wall that proudly proclaimed that Pathfinder was the sponsor of events in this establishment and there were two running games in opposite corners of the establishment that I noticed while I was being seated. Iron Man 3 was playing throughout the brew house and I knew then and there I was among friends. It was the start to what would be one of the best GenCon’s I had ever attended. Continue reading

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

by Matt Quiett
Release Date:  April 18, 2008
Directors: Nicholas Stoller
MPAA Rating:  R
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cast:  Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Russell Brand
Running Time: 111 minutes
Break ups are rough, but they’re even harder when the woman who dumped you in one a popular TV show and everyone you talk to adores her. In Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Peter (Jason Segel) is dumped by his famous girlfriend Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell), and when he goes to Hawaii to forget her, he finds out she’s staying at the same hotel with her new flame Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). As Peter deals with the heartbreak of losing his long term girlfriend, he meets several people who help him through it, and a new love interest in Rachel (Mila Kunis). Did I mention there’s a puppet rock opera about Dracula?  Continue reading